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Movemeback Guide – How It Works

You’ve found the perfect African Opportunity on Movemeback – congratulations! So what happens next?

Did you know… 

  • We work in close partnership with all of the organisations on Movemeback,
  • Every Opportunity on our platform has been curated by the Movemeback team,
  • We have a strong relationship with our partners, ensuring that when you apply via Movemeback, your application will land in the right place,
  • Due to our relationship with our partners, and Movemeback’s membership criteria of excellence, applying via Movemeback can improve the chances of your application being considered by our partnering organisation? 

In this guide, we share with you brief details of how Movemeback works, and let you know exactly what to do once you have found the right Movemeback Opportunity.

1. Express Interest

Let Movemeback know you’re interested in an opportunity with just one click. This will allow us to start considering your profile in relation to this opportunity, provide you with early feedback and keep you updated on any new developments.

2. Submit an Application

Submit a formal application in minutes using your latest CV. You can even start an application and come back to it later. We work in partnership with every organisation on our website, so applying via Movemeback will typically improve the chances of your application being considered.

3. Await feedback from Movemeback

The Movemeback team will review your application and notify you of the outcome via email or ‘My Applications’. This is located under the ‘My Movemeback dropdown. If your application is suitable, we will communicate your profile directly to the hiring manager / organisation leadership.

4. Have an initial conversation with the Organisation

If the hiring organisation like your application, we’ll make a direct introduction to the team and help you arrange an initial conversation to discuss the Opportunity and your candidacy.

5. Speak to Movemeback at any time

We are here to help you with every aspect, from preparation tips to decision-making, interview advice to salary guidance and even building a network in the region you would potentially move to. Get in touch with us via:

  • Live Chat – use our Live Chat tool in the corner to ask a member of the team for some guidance
  • ‘Request information’ button – use this to ask for more information, or to arrange a chat with Movemeback / the hiring organisation
  • Email us – drop us an email at members [at]

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