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Movemeback Guide – Finding the Right Opportunity

Movemeback makes it easy for global talent and influencers to find the most impactful African opportunities. The more eagle-eyed of you may have spotted some changes to how you can search for opportunities on Movemeback, but are you fully utilising all avenues for finding opportunities on Movemeback?
We bring you our top tips for discovering the right opportunity on Movemeback.

1. Search by Opportunity

Opportunities search, filter and navigation

Navigate to our Opportunities page by clicking here. Alternatively, once logged in to Movemeback, simply click on ‘Opportunities’ in the top navigation. You will be directed to our awesome Opportunities page – scroll through to find your ideal opportunity.
Too many opportunities to browse through? Use our new search function to find what you are looking for. You can also filter Opportunities by clicking on the ‘Filter’ button to the right.

2. Search by organisation

Is there a particular organisation you are interested in working with? If so, you can search for it on our Organisations page. If you find an organisation that you like, but can’t find an open Opportunity that matches your requirements, you can choose to make an open application for the company by clicking the ‘Apply’ button on the organisation’s page.
(Also note that you can get to an organisation’s page by clicking on the name or logo for that organisation, wherever you see it.)

3. Search by country

If you only want to see opportunities for a specific country – that’s possible too! Just click on ‘Opportunities by Location’ in the Opportunities navigation dropdown.

Search by Country

4. Help Movemeback to help you

One of the best ways for the Movemeback team to support you in finding great Opportunities is to ensure that you have completed your Movemeback Profile. Doing so enables us to understand your preferences, and notify you via email of new Opportunities that you may be interested in, alongside your search.

5. Watch out for our newsletters!

As a Movemeback member, you should receive our regular newsletters, highlighting our newest African Opportunities. If you think you have not been receiving these, please do search for emails from If you still cannot find them, please let us know.

6. Get in touch!

Still can’t find the right opportunity? No worries – the Movemeback team are always on standby to help. Simply get in touch with us in one of the following ways:

  • Live Chat – use our Live Chat tool in the corner to ask a member of the team for some guidance
  • Email us – drop us an email at

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