Coming to America

Welcome to the latest instalment of your Movemeback Newsletter – bringing you exciting African opportunities, and the latest from the Movemeback Community.
This week all roads lead to the United States. As you unwrap this newsletter we’ll be somewhere hurtling 35,000 feet over the Atlantic, as we take a long-overdue trip to see our cousins in stars and stripes, with nothing less than a firm Africa agenda (of course!) 
The US has recently become a hotbed of African activity with some of the world’s most talented locking their sights firmly on venturing or returning to the continent. Nowhere will that story be evermore present than at the Wharton Africa Forum 2015, and Movemeback will be present in force to ensure stateside hears about the plethora of exciting African opportunities that the continent has in store.
‘Coming to America’ without a stop-over in New York would be unforgivable and very much off-script! And so, Movemebackers in the Big Apple, we look forward to seeing you! In fact, to mark this momentous occasion we will be hosting a number of dinners and drinks in New York from 10th-15th November. All Movemeback members are invited. More details below or fast-forward here for links to book your place!
For those of you who can’t be there, we’ve got you covered too with a full roster of new African opportunities below, waiting to be explored!
Finally, thanks again to all of you who continue to help us shape the Movemeback community and please do help us to keep building by referring other great minds to join us.  Do get in touch if there is anything we can be helping you with.
Best regards,
Charles, Oyin & The Movemeback team

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