Movemeback Heads to New York!

At Movemeback we are fortunate to have members across the world – from London to Cairo, Singapore to Amsterdam. After our co-founder Charles bumped into a few of our members during his latest trip to Hong Kong, many of you have been asking when the Movemeback team will be coming to your city. Great news – this week we will be coming to New York, and we would love to meet as many of you as possible!
Please come to meet us and other Movemeback members at one of our dinners and/or our drinks event this week. Come to talk business or just to let your hair down – at Movemeback we love to do both.
If you are not a member, but are passionate about Africa and an exceptional individual that meets the Movemeback criteria of excellence, we would love for you to join us at Movemeback, and at one of our dinners.
Dinner Details:
Tuesday, 10th November; 7:00pm; New York venue to be confirmed
Wednesday, 11th November, 7:00pm; New York venue to be confirmed
Sunday, 15th November, 7:00pm; New York venue to be confirmed
Drinks Details:
Thursday, 12th November, 7:00pm; New York venue to be confirmed
* If the venue for your chosen date has not been confirmed – please do not worry! Still book your place at the dinner, and we will confirm the venue asap.
To join one of our events, just signup in moments, using one of the links above.
If you have any questions – do get in touch with us at
We look forward to meeting as many of you as possible soon!
Charles & Oyin
Movemeback Founders

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    • […] ‘Coming to America’ without a stop-over in New York would be unforgivable and very much off-script! And so, Movemebackers in the Big Apple, we look forward to seeing you! In fact, to mark this momentous occasion we will be hosting a number of dinners and drinks in New York from 10th-15th November. All Movemeback members are invited. More details below or fast-forward here for links to book your place! […]

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