Ampion Africa Venture Bus

All Aboard! AMPION Venture Bus opens 2014 African trip applications

The AMPION Venture Bus brings together African change-makers and tech experts from all over the world to turn ideas into real businesses. During a 5-day competition and road trip, the “Ampioneers” create startups and develop innovative solutions to local challenges. In the words of AMPION…

“Ampion is a catalyst for entrepreneurship and innovation in the emerging world… empowering entrepreneurial minds to become successful change-makers in their communities and boost private sector growth for development.”

During last year’s 5 day road trip through Zimbabwe and South Africa, 3 impressive startups were born:

  • Sterio.me, a learning system via GSM
  • Workforce, a platform bringing together job seekers and potential employers
  • Bribed, an app to tackle corruption by crowdsourcing real time data on bribes.

This year AMPION is expanding into 5 new routes hitting the road in 15 African countries between September and November – along the West African coast, in the East African Community, in the Maghreb, and once again in Southern Africa. The best startups from the buses will be flown to Abidjan for a major entrepreneurial conference in November. 

AMPION is looking for entrepreneurs to join them on their epic roadtrips all over Africa. They’re calling for IT specialists, web designers and creative entrepreneurs to join them and work to create the most exciting new African startups.

The AMPION Venture Bus presents an awesome opportunity to join a growing global community of business and tech thinkers and doers who are focused on making real change in Africa through entrepreneurship. If you’re interested in joining the next 5 day trip through Africa, then go to the AMPION website for more information!



See you there!

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