She Leads Africa – Funding Africa's Next Generation of Female Entrepreneurs

Whilst the startup world is incredibly exciting and rewarding, it can also be fraught with challenges. The evidence suggests that this is particularly true for women. Although figures are improving, founders are still disproportionally male, and less than 20% of the total amount invested in startups goes to female run organisations. However, at least in Africa, this injustice is being put to right by the super-team of She Leads Africa (SLA).

SheLeads Africa
For readers unfamiliar with She Leads Africa, founded by management consultants Yasmin Belo-Osagie and Afua Osei, SLA is a Lagos-based platform which invests in Africa’s most talented and promising female entrepreneurs. By providing access to greater education, opportunities for funding, a platform for building networks and by tackling limiting social stereotypes, SLA aims to build and inspire the next generation of African, female, billionaire entrepreneurs. We are very happy to announce their 2nd Entrepreneurial Showcase open to all female-led, high growth startups on the continent and across the diaspora.
With the deadline for applications set to June 30th 2015, ‘this event is the premier platform for young female entrepreneurs looking to grow and scale their businesses across Africa. Participants in the competition will compete for $15,000 in cash prizes, media features in international news outlets such as Forbes, Ventures Africa, Venture Burn and several other international news outlets, and exclusive meetings with top investors.’
Applications are open to:

  • Startups with at least one woman on the founding team between the ages of 18 and 35

  • Startups that have received less than $50,000 in funding

  • Startups less than than 3 years old

  • Startups focused on the African market or diaspora

  • Startups that have already begun operations. Entrepreneurs at the idea stage cannot apply

We hope to see all eligible female members apply and look forward to seeing what amazing businesses are showcased.
Hats-off to SLA for originating the event and supporting such a noble cause.
We LOVE your work!

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