Movemeback wishes you Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Movemeback

As the year draws towards an end and we take time to focus on the things that matter, we would like to take a moment to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance.
We’d also like to thank you for your support in helping us on our way to build the awesome community that is Movemeback. From our humble beginning only a few months ago, Movemeback is growing to be an incredible community of individuals who excel professionally and/or academically, and are passionate about involvement in the next chapter of Africa’s growth story. Movemeback is only as strong as its community, so – again we thank you for being with us and for making 2014 end on such a positive note.

A small gift!
Keeping with the spirit of the season we wanted to sign off the year with a small token gesture. Since the soft launch of the Movemeback online platform just a month ago, we have had many requests for additional community features. Your wishes have not gone unnoticed and we have 2 new special features now live, exclusively for members:
1. The Movemeback Forum – interact with other high esteemed individuals by asking and answering questions on our new forum. Share and gander invaluable insights and intelligence on everything related to your own Moving Back journey.
2. Movemeback Stories – read, be inspired by, and share your own story of Moving Back to Africa, be it in person, commerce or in spirit.
Coming soon
Looking ahead to 2015 things are already very exciting and we’re eager to invite you join in with our plans. As a quick hint, lookout for the Movemeback Student Internship Program launching in Summer 2015, the pilot of the Movemeback Search Fund, a raft of invaluable member services and of course a new stream of truly exceptional and unique African opportunities. Get in touch for more information or to get involved.
The season for sharing
If you like what we’re doing at Movemeback – please help us to make impact on the continent by building our community and sharing with others! Share via Facebook, Twitter and/or refer other individuals to join.
Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!
Oyin, Charles and the Movemeback Team

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