Africa is Firmly in Our Sights!

It’s that time of year where the political elite, glossy public figures, the global influencers and of course those who can fathom the link between cold weather and luxury getaways jet-off to Davos to decide where the world is headed.
So how’s it all going? Does anybody actually know? Stock-markets playing truth or dare, emerging markets falling behind the rich in driving global growth for the first time since 2009 and a barrel of crude oil barely buying you a VIP 3D cinema ticket. Welcome dear members to another year of uncertainty! But this time round why don’t we try something different to sitting on the sidelines, waiting for the signal to head for the exit? But why don’t we try something different to sitting back and playing it safe?
2015 was so simple, “Africa Rising” – exclamation mark. This year we’ll have to work a little harder to sell the new narrative “Africa Chilling” . If 2015 was the year for Moving Back, some say 2016 is the year for Moving Later. But don’t follow the crowd, there’s plenty to be done now! For example, have we fixed the 80% unmet energy need? Turned Nigeria’s fresh tomatoes into nicely packaged paste shipped from Ibadan not Naples? Increased 12% intra-continental trade to 50%? Taken control of the global industry for apparel or automotive manufacturing? Eclipsed Chinese iPhone sales with the Africa-phone? Or even sent Kofi and Lola to the International Space Station? Hmmm, thought not! So we’re guessing it still makes sense to keep Africa firmly in our sights.
And so with that renewed sense of purpose we kick off 2016 with a deep-rooted sense of excitement! The Movemeback train is not slowing down for anything or anyone! And what a year we have planned. We’ll be reaching you directly in over 20 African Cities! The East Coast, West Coast and Southern regions of the US are already preparing to welcome us and of course you’ll be seeing us all over Europe, the Middle-East and Asia.
Beyond the ever-growing list of awesome and diverse opportunities, conferences and the most formidable community, what else should you expect from us over the coming months? Find out here in your latest instalment of the MMB newsletter!
As you might have guessed Movemeback is expanding rapidly in 2016; we’re looking for leaders to join our team, take charge of new initiatives, and roll-out our programs across the globe! There are many ways to get involved so please do get in touch! And as always, thank you to all of you who continue to help us shape the Movemeback community – please do continue to refer other greats to join us and let us know if there is anything we can be helping you with.
Warm regards,
The Movemeback team

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