Movemeback Newsletter A Summer of Change

A Summer of Change

Welcome to the latest instalment of your Movemeback Newsletter – bringing you exciting African opportunities, and the latest from the Movemeback Community.
It is often remarked that the only constant is change but this summer that statement seems long out of date, for the new constant appears to be an increase in the pace of change itself.
Since we last spoke, the United Kingdom voted to exit the European Union with Nigeria flirting with recession; African currencies continue to leave us feeling short-changed and political change seeks to reign supreme from South Africa to the UK to the US. Yet in almost perfectly timed defiance, the African Union launched its visa-free passport, moving closer to the dream of visa-free travel on the Continent. And let’s not forget signals for all-change at the top for women, as the G8 edges closer to gender parity of its leaders, a Movemeback member at McKinsey contributes to publishing a report highlighting Women increasingly matter in Africa and our special friends at She Leads Africa round-off the summer by bringing their eagerly anticipated women’s movement to London.
So where does all of this leave Movemebackers? It’s all a little hard to predict but the fundamentals of the African opportunity remain unchanged; in fact never have they felt so relevant. The optimists amongst us might draft near-term headlines of: “Britain seeks new trading partners on the African continent”, “Prolonged low energy prices & rising import costs force African Governments to diversify for good and entrepreneurs to further focus inwardly, adding value at source”; or “Africa’s brightest youth prospects hone their focus on political leadership”
At Movemeback we are continuing to write our own headlines. With the summer giving birth to the first official Movemeback team wedding, here are a few more tabloid headlines to keep you guessing about what we’re working hard to develop over summer, to bring member comfort during the autumn and winter days: “Junior Movemebackers welcome a new era of access to African opportunities”, “Movemebackers all ‘guided-up’ as they hop on the plane”, “Movemebackers go mobile and embrace Africa’s first global, social professional network for collaboration” . What headline will you be writing?
Have an awesome summers-end and as always, don’t forget to help us shape the Movemeback community by referring others to join us!
The Movemeback Team

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