LSE Africa Summit 2017

The LSE Africa Summit returns for with 2017’s iteration – Built for Africa: African Solutions To African Issues. The summit takes place from 31st March until the 1st April and promises to provide a platform to engage, explore cutting-edge research and business trends across Africa’s rapidly changing socio-economic environment. The conference is split across two days, with the first being focused on research and the latter focused on business.
Africa’s struggle for independence was largely driven by a desire to wean herself off exogenous solutions, ideas, and systems. In keeping with this desire, different political and economic platforms such as the African Union (AU) and various Regional Economic Communities (RECs), were formed to safeguard and promote the interests of Africans. Over the years, however, the dream of building a self-reliant Africa, capable of generating its own ideas and resolving its own challenges, has lost momentum. The continent continues to rely heavily on international development assistance in critical areas, such as health, finance, education, and security.
While Africa has not realized its dream of providing solutions to its problems, some notable progress has been made. A clear example is the impressive prevention of ebola outbreak in Nigeria through mainly local efforts, with minimal international support. The world-renowned microfinancing service, M-pesa, developed by a Kenyan mobile network operator is yet another notable example. The remarkable success recorded in both instances point to the importance of solving African issues with African solutions. In light of this, the 2017 LSE Africa Summit seeks to expand inclusive solutions as a way to reshape Africa’s poor development trajectory. In particular, Built for Africa will explore both outsourced and insourced ideas that are developed with, for and to a large extent, by Africans.

Research Conference

The Research Conference will include the following panels and workshops:
Training Workshop: research transparency
Reinventing Africa’s educational systems
Law and development
Harnessing Africa’s informal sector
Inno-native design
Security and justice

Business Conference

The Business Conference will be held in London on April 1, 2017, and include the following panels and workshops:
Rethinking africa’s trade policies
Bridging africa’s financing gap
Improving africa’s service economy
Philanthropy and inequality

Keynote speakers:

Isabel Dos Santos

Isabel Dos Santos is an Angolan investor, considered by Forbes to be Africa’s richest woman. She was an engineering student at the King’s College, London, and after graduation, she started her career as a businesswoman by opening one of the first beach restaurants and night clubs in Luanda. Isabel has since become one of the most influential businesswomen of her time. At present, she is the board member of a number of companies in Portugal and Angola.

Ibukun Awosika

Mrs. Ibukun Awosika is the founder and CEO of The Chair Centre Group. With high interest in social issues including women, Ibukun is a co-founder and past chairperson of Women in Business, Management, and Public Service (WIMBIZ).
A multiple award-winning entrepreneur, and the First Nigerian recipient of the prestigious International Women Entrepreneurial Challenge Award (IWEC) as a nominee of the US Department of State in 2008.
Movemeback will be at the Summit, so if you’re around, please stop by and let’s chat about some of the most exciting opportunities out there.

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