Oxford Africa Conference 2017
Oxford Africa Conference 2017 Innovation Fair

Calling All Africa-Focused Entrepreneurs to the Oxford Africa Conference 2017

The Oxford Africa Conference 2017 is inviting talented entrepreneurs from across the globe, whose work focuses on Africa, to participate in their annual Innovation Fair.

Are you an entrepreneur working on Africa-focused social impact projects?
Do you have an innovative solution that addresses a pressing problem in Africa?

If selected, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to network with other founders, explore the beautiful Oxford surroundings, and potentially win a £2,000 cash prize.
Selected candidates will have their flights and accommodation expenses to the University of Oxford covered to attend the conference. You will also have the opportunity to pitch your ideas to a diverse audience of conference delegates, including industry leaders, CEOs and politicians. Delegates will vote for their favourite venture.
The application form can be found here and the Oxford Africa Conference 2017 team will reach out if you are invited for interviews.
Application Form Deadline: 11:59pm GMT, 28 February 2017


What will I get from the conference?

The 7th Oxford Africa Conference is hosted by the prestigious University of Oxford, and attracted over 500 delegates last year. Past speakers have included the former President of Ghana, the Chairman of Mara Group, the CEO of RISE Networks, influential innovators, artists, and leading experts from across Africa.
Over your time in Oxford, you will have the opportunity to network with industry leaders and other innovators, attend professional development workshops, and promote your enterprise to a diverse audience that has an interest in Africa. You will also have the chance to indulge in the ‘Oxford experience’ and explore this historic and magical city.

How do I know if I qualify? Who has been invited in the past?

The Oxford Africa Conference 2017 team are looking for early- to mid-stage ventures with a social impact focus in Africa. Your organisation does not have to operate within Africa, but must benefit the continent. Applications are welcome from entrepreneurs all over the world.
Past Innovation Fair participants have come from various sectors, ranging from education to fashion to health, including Leti Artsgifted MomSoularModestySunshine CinemaNduna GirlsAfrican Prisons ProjectChalkboard EducationPinki Parts and the Social Innovation Centre for Youth.

When should I apply by?

The application deadline is 11:59pm GMT, February 28, 2017. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, so the faster you apply, the faster you’ll receive a decision.

What is the application process?

Fill in the application form here. Don’t forget to send your CV to innovation@oxfordafricaconference.com.
Those through to the next round will be contacted to schedule a 30-minute interview during the first two weeks of March 2017. Expect to hear a final decision by the end of March, after which the visa process will start immediately.

Is there an application fee?

No, there is not. Entrepreneurs at all stages of their careers are encouraged.

What costs will be covered for me?

The Oxford Africa Conference 2017 will pay for and book flight tickets and accommodation on your behalf. To provide this opportunity to as many entrepreneurs as possible, The Conference will only cover the expenses of one (1) representative per venture. However, you may send additional representatives at your own expense, and you will be assisted with bookings.
Each representative will receive access to both conference days and lunches during the conference. On the last day, meals and workshop fees will be provided.
You have only to cover about 50% of meals out-of-pocket and any personal expenses. Due to the high cost of the Gala Dinner, you are not able to receive a free ticket, but you have the opportunity to purchase a discounted ticket to attend.

I got an interview. What do I do?

Shortlisted candidates will be scheduled for a 30-minute interview with two interviewers simultaneously. You should prepare access to have an online video conferencing call. If you do not have stable WiFi, on a case-by-case basis, the interviewers will attempt to call you on the phone number provided. However, this cannot be guaranteed and Skype or another video conference platform is preferred.

What is expected of me at the conference while I am in Oxford?

The conference takes place over two days (Friday and Saturday). The first day, you will have an opportunity to make a quick pitch (3 minutes) to a wide audience. The audience will then be allowed to vote. On Day 2, you will have a table to display information about your start-up and answer questions. An award ceremony will take place at the end of the day.
However, you will be flown to Oxford for a total of 4 days, Thursday to Sunday/Monday. You can explore the city and attend the rich buffet of talks, sessions, social events, and other things that Oxford has to offer. The day after the conference will involve some development workshops.
You are expected to be a responsible representative of the Oxford Africa Conference 2017 and employ professional conduct while you attend.

Will you help me with my visa?

Applicants are required to enter their passport number in order to expedite visa matters. Successful innovators and entrepreneurs will be provided with a visa letter and an airline ticket. However, your role is to book an appointment with the British Embassy or High Commission as soon as possible to obtain your visa. A list of British Embassies and Consulates can be found here.

How do I get to Oxford?

Rest easy. If you receive an invitation, you will be sent a package complete with instructions on how to get from Heathrow Airport to Oxford, where you will stay, and what your schedule will be.

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