LSE Africa Summit 2016: 'Africa within a Global Context'

It’s back! After a remarkable conference last year, the LSE Africa Summit is back with their 3rd annual summit. This year, the Summit will explore how nations in Africa can capitalise on opportunities and address challenges shaped by their position in a Global Context. Once again, the Summit will take place over two high impact and fully charged days.
Day 1 will feature a Research Conference that moves beyond conventions in provocative and practical debates between scholars, policy-makers and practitioners; whilst Day 2 will feature a Business Conference that challenges business leaders, government representatives, and multinational corporations to think beyond investment on the continent. By bringing all these different actors together, the LSE Africa Summit will offer a unique opportunity to identify key areas for investment and to strengthen the link between academic research and policy-making in order to anchor Africa’s global standing.

The 2016 LSE Africa Summit will explore emerging sectors in Africa including extractives, technology and telecoms, and finance, and issues surrounding illicit financial flows, the politics of knowledge, and uses of social media.
Research Conference

The research conference engages researchers, policy makers and practitioners in academic debates and practical workshops. It offers a unique opportunity to strengthen the link between academic research and policies that consider Africa within the global context. For African countries to move forward, debates need to go beyond conventions and normative orientations about their position in the world. By placing their stories, experiences and solutions at the forefront, Africans can become agents of their own change when dealing with the implications and opportunities of globalisation. This conference presents academic research that helps to rethink Africa-China cooperation, Africa as a creditor to the world, politics of knowledge and social media as a space for agency and voice. These conversations are necessary for achieving the Africa Union’s ambitious vision by 2063: an Africa that is integrated, prosperous and at peace with itself. 

Business Conference

The business conference brings together a diverse assemblage of prominent business leaders and decision makers from an array of African governments, the private sector, as well as global collaborators working across Africa. The conference offers an unprecedented perspective on the current investment climate, framed around how to attract, retain and inspire future business leaders who can operate in an increasingly globalised world. It represents Africa’s rare portfolio, how the opportunities therein have been leveraged, showcasing the successes and addressing pertinent issues hindering sustainable growth in finance, technology & telecommunications, energy, and the development of human capital. The business conference aims to promote receptive dialogue in order to develop practical solutions to global and uniquely African trends like talent retention, youth unemployment, the emergence of an empowered middle class, and the conscious move towards impact investing.

Get your tickets!

Click here to register for the conference! Note that spaces are limited at 400 per conference, so LSE have a review process for applications.
Date: Research Conference on Friday, 22nd April 2016. Business Conference on Saturday, 23rd April 2016.

Location: London School of Economics, The New Academic Building, 54 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London, WC2A 3LJ
Remember to look out for the Movemeback team at the conference! We look forward to meeting some of you there!

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