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10 reasons to move back to Africa

1. Commercial opportunities

Much of Africa is still largely relatively undeveloped. As a result, the business opportunities and the potential for substantial commercial gain it ripe.

2. Social impact

From a social, charitable or philanthropic perspective, many parts of Africa present real opportunities to improve the lives of many on a macro level.

 3. Eye-opening

Living in Africa will open your eyes, as widens your spectrum of experiences. You will see it all – from ostentatious wealth and stunning landscapes to extreme squalor and poverty.  

4. The culture

The continent constantly moves to its own beat. The diversity of cultures, languages, and rituals is phenomenal. Need we mention the food and music?

5.  The weather

Enough said!

6. Hospitality

The hospitality of many parts of Africa is well documented. From a commercial perspective, you’ll also find that business minds are very open to conversing, sharing ideas and discussing opportunities with you.

7. The nightlife

Generally speaking, Africans know how to party, and there’s often a good reason for one!

8. The wildlife

Nowhere else in the world will you find such a range of wildlife creatures.  

9. Write the next chapter in global history

All eyes are on Africa, as its role in changing the global landscape becomes more apparent. Moving back will give you the opportunity to be part of this story.

10. It feels like home…

Movemeback is a members-only community, connecting overseas talent and partners to unique, exclusive and exciting high potential opportunities on the African continent. We focus on distinctive and non-cliché opportunities from senior leadership roles with Africa’s most influential organisations through to unique investments, creative and entrepreneurial partnerships, nation shaping, social impact and more. We’re structured to enable talent relocation – including internships, secondments or remote engagements – and the facilitation of investment and advisory relationships.

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