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Solve Education! learning competition is Africa’s biggest learning competition, conducted through Ed, the learning bot. The Solve Education! learning competition enables college students to put their knowledge and skills to the test for exciting prizes up to 6 Million Naira. Ed the Bot leverages telegram to deploy learning solutions. Solve Education! incentivizes learning through its telegram AI chat teacher, Ed The Learning Bot. The organization awards a monthly scholarship and mobile data to youths that are capable of leading teams to achieve daily learning goals and to assist in remote learning. This holistic learning experience offers youth opportunities to hone their leadership skills and teamwork, as they work to achieve learning objectives. Solve Education! Nigeria wants to change the way people learn. They empower people to empower themselves by gamifying learning for lifelong benefits.

Players must collect points by playing with Ed the bot on telegram to be ranked on the leaderboard. The points will be counted daily from 8 AM WAT until 7:59 AM WAT the next day. Place in the top 20 daily to collect a ticket for your team, groups with 15 tickets every week qualifies for the weekly voting! Note: One group can only get a maximum of 5 tickets per day. The Weekly challenge runs for 8 weeks in a row. One weekly challenge will run for 6 days from Thursday 8AM WAT until next Wednesday 8 AM WAT. Earn 15 tickets for your group to earn a spot in the weekly voting! Weekly voting are done for all groups with 15 tickets or more, the group that earns the most vote will qualify for the game show! The ticket that has been accumulated over the week will be expired after each week Game Ons. This means, a new set of tickets can be collected on each week.


To be eligible, the applicant must be:

  • Resident in Africa
  • Between 15-30 years old
  • Have telegram installed on your device to access Ed the Learning Bot


  • A chance to win up to 1,300USD monthly scholarship when you make significant learning progress with your team
  • Access weekly 10GB data to keep learning with our AI chat teacher, when you rank top of the daily leaderboard on any day of the week

About Solve Education

Solve Education! works with education and technology experts to create an educational game app which aims to develop students’ hunger for learning and prepares them for the workforce of the future.  As a not-for-profit organisation, our vision is for future generations to have equal access to the knowledge economy. Young people need critical and technical skills and confidence in their ability to learn, adapt to changes and solve problems.