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The High Growth Coaching Program (HGCP)  is an exclusive opportunity to develop an action plan for your business with support from your own personal business coach and a community of women to keep you accountable. This is a digital program open to women led businesses across Nigeria. The focus of HGCP 2022 is on spotlighting social enterprises in the Nigerian ecosystem. Through the program, various types of support will be granted for social enterprises to grow an impact on the market.


  • Those who are looking for 2 categories of entrepreneurs, those who are interested in positioning their businesses to receive external funding either from the program or from other external investors
  • You will be required to submit a pitch deck during the application process
  • Those who are looking to rapidly grow and scale their businesses within 6 months
  • You will be required to submit a growth strategy plan during the application process


  • 3 months of intensive training on business and operational skills
  • Access to a private community of high achieving founders
  • Check-in calls with a personal business coach
  • Monthly virtual support group meetings
  • Personalised scorecards to keep track of weekly lessons and your business
  • Support in creating a roadmap of tangible business goals

About She Leads Africa

She Leads Africa believes in the power of young African women to build amazing careers and businesses, serve as community leaders and influencers, and eventually take over the world. This is a community that helps young African women achieve their professional dreams. With engaging online content and pan-African events, their vision is to become the #1 destination for smart and ambitious young women.

She Leads Africa:

  • Are committed to helping smart and ambitious young African women live their best lives

  • Promote and uplift local talent by proactively identifying promising African experts and practitioners and providing them a platform to grow

  • Deliver the best career and business content focused on our community