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The Joseph Academy of Leadership (JAOL) is a 12-week online program made for the global influencers in the making within the African Diaspora.

It tackles personal, professional and spiritual development programs that equip leaders with integrity and influence to become authorities who provide uncommon solutions to global problems in the world.

This program aims to:
1. Promote the use of wisdom and spiritual gifts to effect change in the world.
2. To equip leaders to lead and influence with integrity, wisdom, authority, and humility.
3. To help align future leaders with their purpose and vocation.

Its purpose is to equip and train emerging leaders in the Diaspora who are called to leadership in one of the following areas: government, business or economy.

Participants will have the following opportunity during the duration of the program:
1.    The opportunity to be align your calling of leadership with your life's purpose
2.    The opportunity to learn from a Public Diplomacy Specialist, CEO, and International Business Initiative Benefits    Strategist who is experienced in serving the needs of Africans and the Diaspora
3.    Increasing your capacity as a leader in your industry
4.    A better understanding of how your spiritual gifts will set you apart from other leaders and give you a cutting edge of influence
5.    A certificate of completion and letters of recommendation for high academic performance.



  • Must be an adult with at least five or more (5+) years of full-time professional work experience
  • Must be called to one of the following industries - Government, Business or Economy.
  • Tuition is $300 USD and can be paid by a sponsor.
  • Applications to apply are by invitation only after completing a pre-qualification form


  • A certificate of completion will be provided upon successful completion of the 12-week course. No college credits will be provided.

About Pursue Your Purpose LLC

Pursue Your Purpose LLC is a U.S.-based firm founded in 2012 that provides coaching, consulting and training for emerging entrepreneurs, corporate intrapreneurs, and leaders globally with next-level business growth and innovation strategies.  We are proud to serve the African Diaspora worldwide.