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Applications are open for the Milken-Motsepe Innovation Prize for AgriTech Entrepreneurs 2021 from suitably qualified AgriTech entrepreneurs for the Milken-Motsepe Innovation Prize 2021 which focuses on accelerating progress towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), no poverty and zero hunger.

The Milken-Motsepe Prize in AgriTech is a global competition for innovative solutions to increase economic value to farmers, from seed to sale. Registration is free and open to anyone, with a $1 million grand prize available for the winning team, and $1 million in additional prizes. The Milken-Motsepe Innovation Prize in AgriTech addresses the problems faced by farmers on small to medium-sized farms in Africa. The prize will incentivize scalable AgriTech solutions, cultivate and support a global community of entrepreneurs, and source global data-given insights.


To be eligible for the Milken-Motsepe Innovation Prize for AgriTech Entrepreneurs 2021, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be AgriTech entrepreneurs developing innovative technology solutions for any stage of the food system, from seed to sales
  • Must have a viable business model
  • Must show the capacity to increase farm productivity and/or decrease post-harvest loss
  • Must be passionate about the AgriTech business space


  • Winning team will receive a $1million grand prize, with $1million in additional prizes
  • Opportunity to join online community of other entrepreneurs
  • Winning team receives a 12-week experiential learning program powered by the Stanford Center for Professional Development
  • Access to alumni network

About Motsepe Foundation

The Motsepe Foundation was founded in 1999 by Mr Patrice Motsepe and Dr Precious Moloi-Motsepe. In 2013 the Motsepe family were the first on the African continent to join the Giving Pledge, started by Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffet. The Foundation was founded on the philosophy of ‘ubuntu’, the African concept of giving and caring for your neighbour and other members of your community. This selfless and compassionate quality is part of the age-old African culture and expresses the core value of humanity as goodness to our fellow men. The act of giving back has been and still is an integral part of our moral duty and collective responsibility. It is a concept that has held African families and communities together for generations, despite the continent’s many challenges. We are proud to pass it on to the next generation.