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Metta in partnership with the UK-Kenya Tech Hub presents the Startup-SME linkage programme 2.0 aimed at providing tech startups direct linkages to SMEs which fall under their target customers for a chance to secure a commercial deal. The programme will require selected startups to present/demo their solutions to SMEs in a digital live marketplace for a partnership or commercialization deal. In this 2021 programme referred to as the Startup-SME Linkage Programme we will provide tech startups and SMEs with direct linkages to one another, and a collaboration playbook aimed at helping them increase their partnership and commercial deal rates.


We are looking for post-revenue startups with practical solutions that can help SMEs solve their existing problems. Female-led startups are highly encouraged to apply.

Startups Criteria:

  • Should be open to collaboration
  • Should be a registered entity
  • Must be a tech-driven startup
  • Should have active users on their platform: demonstrate use cases
  • Offer valid solutions in the thematic areas identified

We are looking for SMEs that are open for a commercial and/or partnership deal with innovative post-revenue tech startups operating in verticals such as HR, customer experience, digital marketing, agriculture, health, logistics, clean energy, e-commerce among others.

SME Criteria:

  • Proof of product adoption in the market
  • Should be a registered entity
  • Willingness to adopt and leverage tech solutions
  • Willingness to open its network to startups


  • 4 free masterclasses modeled on the Deal Making Design Framework
  • Access to practical templates for deal-making
  • Participation in the Deal Rooms with potential clients and service providers
  • Business feature on the Metta and UK-Kenya Tech networks
  • Create a platform for the participating companies to discuss partnership and commercial deal opportunities
  • Help the participating companies to come up with a commercial or partnership deal tracked over a period of 6 to 12 months
  • Spark a collaborative culture between SMEs and Startups that yield innovative, and valuable solutions, which also promotes cooperation and the collective movement towards a better future by creating better goods and services

About Metta

Mettā Nairobi, has been the center of passionate innovators and entrepreneurs since its inception in 2015, with its members shaping the narrative of African innovation across all sectors. We have fostered a passionate community of 500+ startups in the region and in addition to numerous political figures from African countries, has hosted a variety of international & influential figures. We believe that by creating the right connections and enabling people to work together, we can solve some of the most critical challenges of our time and build a stronger, more sustainable future.