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The MTBN Africa Innovation Acceleration Program aims to identify, support and fund the next generation of technology-enabled start-ups solving problems in African markets.

They support entrepreneurs with a strong purpose by connecting them to the brightest business minds in the industry. The program provides access to the African startup ecosystem, industry specialists, corporate partners, talent, capital, and coaching. They are interested in startups that are creating the future of Africa’s development story, using promising new technologies to make a positive impact.

MBTN Africa Innovation Accelerator are interested in startups that are creating the future of Africa’s development story, using promising new technologies to make a positive impact. 

They are looking for founders with deep expertise and knowledge in one specific domain. 

The program is open to businesses in any industry, however, you will be addressing a need in at least one African market, leveraging technology to tackle the specific problem you are trying to solve.


  • The startups should have pilot customers and demonstrate some transaction
  • At least two founders or a team if more than 2
  • Africa based or global with a market existing in Africa



  • Each startup will get an opportunity to pitch to a network of venture capital and angel investors, with the chance to win funding

Training & Coaching:

  • The accelerator program includes a component focused on business and operational skills training, as well as coaching around how to turbocharge your investor engagement efforts


  • Intensive individual mentoring and strategy sessions during the core of the program. Their mentor network consists of key international experts

Investor Network:

  • 200+ local and international investors who are interested in meeting and investing in Africa focussed startups


  • With over 100 international events in cities across the globe and a vast network of startups, experts and investors, they offer an international community to startups. This way you can be best prepared for global scaling

Alumni Program:

  • After the acceleration program, you will get access to our Alumni Program that includes fundraising advice, PR and marketing support, legal and administrative services, and access to exclusive deals

About MBTN Connect

MBTN Connect is a global start-up accelerator that empowers Africa focussed technology startups in building companies that solve problems/ serve customers in at least one African Market.

They do this by identifying and screening the next generation of African startups and running accelerator programs that support them with content/ education, mentorship, networking and funding.

MBTN aims to identify and scale the next generation of African startups, wherever in the world they might be based.

Outside of the accelerator programs, they organise several events every year, that helps entrepreneurs connect with Angel & VC investors, mentors, corporate partners and other key stakeholders.