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La Carica delle 101 is a non-profit community of women entrepreneurs, managers and professionals, of different ages and backgrounds, brought together by the desire to support young startuppers based in Italy.  We achieve this by sharing our experience, expertise and network. La Carica 4 Africa is a mentoring program powered by La Carica delle 101 for African women entrepreneurs. We chose African women entrepreneurs because we are aware of the difficulties they encounter and believe that we can help them reach their full potential taking advantage of a fast growing market.


  • Incorporated since two years
  • Minimum 1 Female Founder 
  • Operational in at least one african country  


Female founders have the opportunity to be selected for a free mentorship program and they will be accompanied by 3 mentors during 4 months about different topics (of their choice):

  • Financial Planning
  • Business Model
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Digital Marketing / Social Media
  • People Management
  • IT systems
  • Soft Skills (Leadership, Public Speaking, Personal Branding, stakeholder management)
  • Communication
  • Product
  • Fundraising communication (with investors, potential clients, clients...)

About La carica delle 101

The Charge of 101 is a non-profit initiative born from the enthusiasm and tenacity of 100 women + the creator, Giovannella Condò, to accompany and support Italian startups in their growth path.

Our mission is to share our experience to create a meeting between startups and highly qualified professionals to grow the business idea of ​​new visionary realities, providing external stimuli to their reference ecosystem. To support the growth of our country, new innovative and ambitious realities are needed and we want to help them by sharing knowledge and skills useful to enable a new generation of entrepreneurs ready to enter a present increasingly pervaded by digital transformation and internationalization.

This sharing takes shape in the Outsiders' Inn, meeting events where startup teams can imagine new approaches and bigger challenges, thanks to the stimuli received from the Outsiders. The goal is to push startups to look at themselves and their market with new eyes and not to provide advice, invest or solve contingent problems.