Mogadishu, Somalia



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Innovative Ventures is the leading Somali start-up accelerator and technology fund. The program currently partners with VC4A, Telesom and Oxfam. To date, the program has graduated over 60 start-ups and has invested almost $200,000 in its graduates.

The 12-week accelerator programme is structured to help entrepreneurs and startups to succeed and fail faster. Yes, it is far better to fail quickly, and realize your mistakes early in the process and we work with startups on their ideas.

The programme will help you identify if you’re headed down the wrong path and help iterate quickly from any ambiguity in your business model faster to succeed.


To be eligible:

  • Your business must be based in Somaliland or Somalia
  • Your business must be technology-oriented
  • The founders must be between 18-35 years old
  • The founders are commited to attending the accelerator programme in Hargeisa


Benefits include:

  1. 12-week intensive training and mentoring on business and operational skills
  2. Access to leading telecoms and banks in the Somaliland and Somalia
  3. Pitching in front of local and international investors
  4. Features in local and international media
  5. Equity funding for at least 3 startups of up to $20,000


About Innovate Ventures

Innovate Ventures is the leading start-up accelerator and technology fund in Somaliland and Somalia. Innovate Ventures was created to propel and accelerate technology start-ups in Somalia and Somaliland, support the next wave of Somali entrepreneurs, and grow the nascent start-up ecosystem in the country.