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TechEmerge brings technologies to new markets and launch potential projects that are scalable and purposely significant. They do this by matching best-in-class, proven, affordable technology solutions from around the world with local partners in emerging markets to conduct pilot projects and build commercial partnerships.

Their six-step process sets them apart from other accelerator programs, they go directly to the needs of emerging markets and leveraging the industry expertise and extensive partner network.

  • Assess - identify challenges and gaps in emerging markets, talking in person with local organizations to ensure they understand which technologies could best meet their needs.
  • Source - launch an open call for innovators from around the world with market relevant solutions to apply to join the program.
  • Select - with the support of a network of expert advisors, select high-performing innovators with proven technologies that can meet the needs of participating local organizations.
  • Match - through a carefully curated process, arrange events and meetings for the shortlisted innovators to meet local organizations, demo their products, and discuss the potential to pilot projects together.
  • Pilot - with their support, selected innovators and participating organizations partner to test technologies in a local setting.
  • Commercialize - if the pilot is successful, the local organization and innovator may decide to enter into a commercial contract.


Participants who are interested to join should comply with the following:

  • Proven product, installed with at least one health system
  • Privately owned company, typically with less than 50 employees and less than US$100M in venture capital funding (with some exceptions)
  • Meets the needs of the East African Healthcare Providers
  • Demonstrated managerial capacity and scalability
  • Ability to allocate time and resources to participate in the Project, including attending periodic meetings, and implementation of field testing/pilot project in East Africa


Successful individuals that captured the criteria and passed through the six-steps process will receive:

  • Potential investment from IFC
  • Access to robust network of East Africa health systems and potential users/buyers of technology (competitive selection)
  • Access to a pool of up to $1M in funding to support pilot projects in East Africa
  • Guidance from the TechEmerge team and global network of advisors to develop pilot implementation and market entry strategies

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