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The Harambe Alliance is a network of highly educated young African entrepreneurs spearheading high impact social and business ventures across the length and breadth of Africa. In partnership with reputable private and public sector groups our Alliance is establishing an ecosystem to support the entrepreneurial aspirations of young African leaders with mentors, feasibility study grants, scholarships, pro bono legal services and access to angel and venture capital.

Candidates must submit an application consisting of the following completed sections:

  • Your Venture
  • Progress to Date
  • Essays
  • Harambean Opportunities
  • MentorsRecommendations
  • Leadership & Work Experience- 
  • Awards / Recognition & Skills
  • EducationGeneral Information
  • Terms & Conditions

Admitted applicants will be invited to participate in the 13th annual Harambe Bretton Woods Symposium (HBWS XIII), April 3-6 at Harvard and the Mount Washington Resort in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire.


Eligible candidates to the Alliance must be of African birth or origin; currently enrolled in a college or university or be recent graduates; and be at the early idea stage or advanced stages of a social or business venture focused or related to Africa.


  • Fellowships and grants to facilitate scaling
  • Scholarships (Fletcher, Oxford Skoll, Yale,Oxford Pershing Square)
  • Mentors
  • Angel Investors 
  • Venture Capital
  • The Harambean Network and the experience of fellow Harambeans

About Harambeans

Derived from Harambee — Swahili for working together towards a common purpose — the Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance got its start in 2008. Founded by Harvard educated Okendo Lewis-Gayle, Harambe was inspired by the words of President Barack Obama, who urged Okendo at his college graduation to “hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself.” Okendo decided to take the advice and the Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance was born. What began as a “Dream on a Piece of Paper” has now blossomed into an alliance of over 250 Harambeans strong.


More than an organisation, Harambe represents a core set of values, forever enshrined in the Harambe Declaration and reaffirmed each year, through an official signing ceremony, by Harambeans at the historic Mount Washington Hotel.

Culled from a competitive applicant pool of candidates from leading universities around the world, Harambeans are spearheading social and business ventures across Africa and have raised capital from leading investors in China, Europe, and the United States. Recognised by the African Union, the Economist and the Vatican, Harambeans epitomise the can-do spirit of the new generation of African leaders.


Harambeans are African innovators admitted to the Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance, who have pledged “to work together as one” to unlock the potential of Africa.

We are an alliance of determined entrepreneurs who are building Africa’s future.
We are visionaries transforming Africa’s challenges into opportunities.
We are founders of businesses that create positive and scalable change, enabling Africa to reach its boundless potential.