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Our world has already invented many effective poverty solutions, but sadly most fail to reach actual people in need. Millions of lives would improve if people had access to proven energy, education, health, and other interventions. D-Prize is a call to the world's boldest entrepreneurs. Can you design a new social enterprise and solve one of our distribution challenges? If selected, we will award you up to $20,000 to launch a pilot in Africa, India, or another other developing region. If your pilot is successful, we will help you find future funding and grow to impact millions.

The D-Prize Global Competition is live and seeking new social entrepreneurs! D-Prize challenges bold new leaders to tackle extreme poverty. This year, as many as 30 teams will be awarded with up to $20,000 each to launch nonprofits or social ventures that can distribute proven poverty interventions to thousands, maybe even millions, of people. Applications are due June 6.

D-Prize is looking to find and fund high-potential problem solvers. We believe the idea candidate or candidate team is:

  • Focused on distributing a proven poverty intervention in the fields of education, girls’ education, agriculture, energy, global health, and governance and infrastructure (see our challenges for more details)
  • At the idea stage for starting a distribution venture or leading an organization (with a distribution component) that is less than 2 years old and has raised less than $30,000
  • Prepared to launch a 3 month pilot with a long-term vision for scale and ready to have at least one founder working on the pilot full-time
  • We apologize, but at this time we are only able to evaluate applications submitted in English. However, an applicant’s English need not be perfect, and grammar and vocabulary errors will not be penalized. We only want to understand the idea.




Who Should Apply?

  • You should have enormous ambition, and can imagine yourself as a successful entrepreneur.
  • You are ready to launch your new venture, and - if a pilot proves successful – you are excited to grow it into a world changing organization.
  • If you are still a student or have an existing job, you should have a clear idea how to transition into a full-time founder.
  • D-Prize is exclusively interested in ventures that will scale distribution of an already proven poverty intervention in the developing world.

Read the D-Prize challenges and join the competition. Please use the code Movemeback21 when completing your application

About D-Prize

D-Prize increases distribution of the most cost-effective poverty interventions. D-Prize awards startup capital to social entrepreneurs who apply to our Global Competition. Their new ventures grow to serve millions.



Many solutions to poverty already exist. The challenge is distributing to the people who need them most. Our work identifies effective interventions, then recruits entrepreneurs to scale deliver where distribution gaps exist. Our vision is to spark a wave of new social entrepreneurs, all distributing evidence-based interventions at scale.



  • Increase access to proven life-enhancing technologies in the developing world.
  • Activate talented leaders and social enterprise ideas that otherwise would not start or scale. 
  • Encourage a global dialogue on the importance of leveraging distribution solutions for development.