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In Ghana, existing digital commerce solutions tend to exclude informal micro and small enterprises (MSEs), who have been hardest hit by the impact of the COVID-19 economic crisis. As a result, they are unable to leverage digital commerce opportunities to fuel their growth and secure their incomes. The Catalyst Fund Inclusive Digital Commerce Accelerator will scale innovative companies that can enable informal MSEs in Ghana to reap the benefits of digital commerce solutions, with a goal of spurring the development of the wider ecosystem.


Companies who meet the following criteria will be evaluated for selection:

  • Inclusivity: Preference for companies with current or proven desire to serve informal MSEs
  • Proven traction: Company has already raised a minimum of $100K from investors or is revenue positive, and serving at least 500 customers
  • Stage-fit: Company has a product in the market and is in the scaling stage
  • Minimum runway: Company has 6-12 months of runway
  • Geography: Company is Ghana-based (or entering the Ghanaian market)
  • Product type: Company is offering solutions across the digital commerce value chain
  • Youth focus: Company primarily serves informal MSEs and workers between the ages of 18-35
  • Scale potential: Company can contribute to the goal of reaching 25,000 additional MSEs within 2 years


The accelerator will scale six digital commerce companies over the next two years. Each company will receive flexible grant capital of up to US$120,000 + tailored venture acceleration support + connection to our growing global Circle of Investors (65+) and other ecosystem enablers. Express interest in being considered for the program, and be included in our ecosystem database.

About BFA

BFA Global is a research, product innovation and strategy consulting firm that aims to improve the lives of vulnerable and underserved communities around the world. BFA Global works at the frontier of applied research and innovation using finance, data, and technology to craft solutions for more sustainable and equitable societies. Founded in 2006, BFA Global is headquartered in Boston and Nairobi, with additional offices in Medellín and New Delhi. We have a presence in Johannesburg, Lagos, Madrid, Mexico City and Paris.


Catalyst Fund is BFA Global’s flagship tech accelerator. Catalyst Fund supports early-stage inclusive tech startups focused on creating solutions for emerging market underserved consumers. The program has two mandates: accelerating pre-investable inclusive tech startups and accelerating the innovation ecosystems that enable them to scale. To date, Catalyst Fund has supported 31 fintech companies by resolving their specific capital, talent, and skills challenges so they can deliver accessible, affordable, and appropriate solutions more efficiently, more quickly, and with greater impact.