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The Explore Data Science Academy (EDSA) and Rand Merchant Investments (RMI) fintech division, AlphaCode, have announced a 12-month data science and business skills programme for 20 aspirant South African future fintech entrepreneurs.

Successful candidates will go through an intensive six-month data science-training programme, where they will learn how to design a 10X business along with the core digital skills needed to build a fintech organisation. This will be followed by three-months of business skills training, learning how to execute a 10X business strategy and to build a fintech startup.

The course will be sponsored by RMI and is offered at no cost to the candidates selected to take part. Included in the sponsorship is a stipend, to cover major living expenses during the year. “The EXPLORE 10X programme, developed by the EDSA team, provides AlphaCode access to young, bright, future fintech entrepreneurs with great ideas, which AlphaCode can then help grow their businesses and the economy at the same time,” said Dominique Collett, Head of AlphaCode and Senior Investment Executive at RMI.

The AlphaCode team will select the best of the best to participate in AlphaCode’s prestigious Incubate programme. If your winning idea is chosen, you’ll be granted a R2 million funding and business support package to kick-start your business.


AlphaCode are looking for exceptional individuals with a passion for fintech, innovation and disruption. You’ll need to be focused, driven and committed to make an impact on South Africa’s fintech industry. An open mind, a willingness to learn and a capacity for original, visionary thinking will be advantageous.

You will be asked to:

  1. Submit Your CV
  2. A 750-word essay describing your fintech business idea and how the world will be a better place with your business in it


Participation in the course will set you apart from others in the field by equipping you with cutting edge data science skills which will help you build your fintech business. You also stand a chance to secure a R2 million entrepreneurial package for your winning idea from AlphaCode

The course will also provide ample opportunity to network with academic experts, technological disruptors and influential industry specialists.

About Alpha Code

AlphaCode is the Rand Merchant Investments' (RMI) fintech division. AlphaCode’s EXPLORE programme is run in partnership with Explore Data Science Academy and offers an extensive, customised 12-month programme aimed at helping you get ahead in fintech.

Rand Merchant Investment Holdings has recognised that the core business of its underlying portfolio companies is being threatened by new, disruptive ventures. So in an effort to jump onto the fintech wave and build on their entrepreneurship legacy, the decision was made to actively seek, with the aim to support, grow and fund, new and disruptive sustainable, scalable business models. As a result, AlphaCode was established to identify key industry entrepreneurs building businesses that will change the landscape of the industry, and spur the development of other businesses, within the financial services sector.

With a formidable network of members in the blockchain, data analytics, mobile, payments and other vertical spaces, AlphaCode unlocks growth by promoting access to resources and events to take businesses to the next level.

Our co­working office and events space in Johannesburg has been carefully crafted to provide the ultimate working environment and has become a hub for fintech disruptors. It is also a meeting place where ideas are shared, connections are made and new projects emerge.

AlphaCode members enjoy access to industry thought leaders, insightful events, networking and investment opportunities. We actively promote collaboration between our members and work tirelessly to assist them in growing their businesses.