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AfriTech XYZ has launched #AfriTech19 - a free to join, equity-free program for pre-seed (bootstrapping) and seed stage (up to £20K) tech startups based in Africa, organised by AfriTech XYZ. This program is in partnership with PYPR, Strand Sahara and Academy London, Google's learning space in London.

AfriTech XYZ's support involves providing access to LIVE and pre-recorded content via our app and access to 1-2-1 mentors from reputable incubators, accelerators, agencies, consultancies and tech companies.
The goal of #AfriTech19 is to help each startup move from early stage into growth and scale, nationally and internationally. 

How does it work?

Startups have access to a bank of pre-recorded and LIVE scheduled content that will give them the opportunity to learn key skills and become more aware of how different parts of the tech ecosystem work to support growth and scale. 

In addition to that core content, founders will be given the opportunity to request 1-2-1 support on particular issues that they are facing. When they receive a request, they'll reach out to our mentor network and make an intro between the chosen mentor and founder.

AfriTech XYZ does not match mentors more than 3 times over a 6 week period, and each 1-2-1 session should take no more than 1 hour of the mentor's time. 


  • The ability to volunteer 3 hours over 6 weeks


  • Expand your network by connecting virtually (via video conferencing) with tech startups in Africa
  • Learn how tech is done in a different part of the world, and support a new talent pool of up-and-coming founders that have the potential to change the African continent for the better
  • Gain access to private events in London, where you'll get even more opportunities to build your network
  • Earn bragging rights! When a startup you mentor has a big win, you'll be sent a graphic you can share across your social media to show the part you played in making it happen

About AfriTech XYZ

AfriTech XYZ believes in the importance of ecosystems, so they've built one filled with key stakeholders across the entire spectrum of need that an African tech startup faces on its journey to scale internationally. 

From government officials, experts in academics, culture and tech, NGOs, professionals in law, PR, finance and more, funds of all sizes, incubators and accelerators.

AfriTech XYZ's network members are interested in getting in on the ground floor of tech innovations in Africa. They trust AfriTech XYZ to identify the best early stage startups on the continent and prep them to receive the level of support they're able to provide.