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As AFLI’s flagship leadership development programme, the Tutu Leadership Fellowship Programme welcomes an elite group of Africa’s highest potential young leaders, representing a wide range of sectors. Offered on a part-time basis over six months, the Programme includes two 9-day Group Learning Modules with an impressive array of distinguished leaders and faculty. These are intensive interactive workshops; one at the historic Mont Fleur conference facility (South Africa), and the other split between Oxford University and London (UK).

The Programme has been designed specifically for African leaders in consultation with its African faculty and advisors and with Oxford, whose famous tutorial style has been adopted. It provides participants with an intensive learning and broadening experience on the principles and application of leadership, and an opportunity to explore the issues and specific characteristics of leadership in Africa, as well as the global challenges and dimensions of an African leader.AFLI Tutu Fellows

The programme places emphasis on learning and experiencing, not teaching, offering a variety of formal and innovative informal learning opportunities to enhance the leadership capabilities of the candidate. Emphasis is also placed on peer interaction and feedback, and the participants highly value being able to share pan-African perspectives and experiences. Overall it provides a unique environment for mid-career self reflection on one’s leadership journey in transforming Africa, and has been described as life changing by many participants.

Between modules, Group Projects are undertaken. The objective of the project is for the group to develop solutions for some of the challenges that Africa is facing. This is an opportunity for participants to work through the scenario planning methodology and put it into practice. In addition, candidates are required to develop their own individual projects (in consultation with their mentors), and submit these in a year-end dissertation for peer review. Over the years, the range of these Community Projects has been extensive and impactful with a strong focus on the youth.

Upon completing the Programme, Tutu Fellows return to play active roles in their respective communities, countries and spheres of influence. Great value is placed upon becoming a member of an established exclusive and supportive network of Africa’s future leaders – the Tutu Fellows. As part of this network of global leaders, all Fellows are expected to attend AFLI alumni events, as well as function as ambassadors for the Fellowship across all segments of society.


The Awards are aimed at the cream of the continent’s future leaders, specifically targeting the next generation of Africa’s leaders in all sectors of society, who are:

  • Aged between the ages of 25 and 39. (You must be under the age of 40 on 30 April of the year of the programme.)
  • Citizen of an African country, and currently living in Africa, or temporarily placed abroad by your employer or completing further education abroad, or working on African projects for a global organisation
  • Committed to living in Africa and to actively contributing to its long-term success


  • Take part in a 9-day Group Learning Modules with an impressive array of distinguished leaders and faculty

About African Leadership Institute

The African Leadership Institute is building a critical mass of visionary, strategic, self-aware and ethical leaders across the continent, who together become the catalysts for change and transformation of Africa. It is dedicated to identifying, nurturing and equipping Africa’s future leaders with experiences, insights, and tools so that African-led solutions are developed to address Africa’s challenges. The Institute provides a platform for a diverse network of young African leaders to network, and engage in peer-to-peer learning and cross-border collaborations. Working with a select group of partners, leading academics and accomplished global leaders, AFLI facilitates opportunities for young leaders to create a new Africa.  The African Leadership Institute (AFLI) was founded in 2003 by African-born Rhodes Scholar Peter Wilson and Sean Lance, a renowned international business leader. The two recognised that in order to achieve the most impact in Africa, developing the next generation of leaders should be the highest priority. Archbishop Desmond Tutu, renowned for his part in the struggle for freedom against apartheid in South Africa, a Nobel Peace Prize Winner, and chairing the country’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission, is the patron of AFLI.