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The Africa Agri-Food Development Programme (AADP) is a joint initiative between the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The Objective of the AADP is to develop partnerships between the Irish Agri-Food Sector and African countries to support sustainable growth of the local food industry, build markets for local produce and support mutual trade between Ireland and Africa.

It is intended that any investment by the AADP will be catalytic support with co-funding from the private sector. The fund is designed to leverage greater expertise, experience and investment from the Irish agri-food sector and projects should demonstrate results with a long-term developmental impact that will ultimately lead to sustainable benefits through investment by the private sector.

Applicants will be measured against teh following evaluation:

  • Sustainable Development Impact (Economic, Social and Environmental)
  • Intervention logic and commercial viability
  • Company experience and expertise
  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Analysis of risk, context and possible externalities


  • The partners involved must include one Irish registered agri food company and one local commercial entity in Africa;
  • All proposed projects must be commercial in nature and focus. Funding will only be awarded to Irish registered agri food companies.
  • AADP funding is up to a maximum of €250,000 per company for a full project or €100,000 for a feasibility study.
  • AADP funding will not exceed 50% of the costs of the project;
  • The funds contributed by the Irish registered agri food company must not comprise funding received from any other Irish Public funding source.
  • If an applicant company was previously successful in applying for AADP funding, it must explain clearly (in the application form) the new project goals/outcomes and how they differ from those in the initial funding round.
  • If an applicant company proposes to undertake a feasibility study, it should include a list of ‘potential’ partners with the application.
  • Projects will be supported in the following countries – Botswana, Cóte d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia;
    • Funding from the AADP must bring about additionality and not replace existing funding;
    • Successful AADP funding applicants will be encouraged to engage with Irish NGOs where possible on various aspects of the projects i.e. Mechanical and Engineering, Project design, etc.


Funding of  up to €250,000 per company for a full project or €100,000 for a feasibility study

About The Irish Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine

The Department’s mission is to lead the sustainable development of the agri-food, forestry and marine sector and to optimise its contribution to national economic development and the natural environment. The Department is also the national accredited Paying Agency for the disbursal of EU funds which play a crucial role in supporting policy implementation and in underpinning efforts to achieve the objectives set out in industry development strategies.

The Department’s Objectives are:

  • To progress the economic development of the agri-food, forestry and marine sectors.
  • To promote and enhance, including through regulation and enforcement, the already high standards of food safety, consumer protection, animal health and welfare and plant health.
  • To promote economic, social and environmentally sustainable farming, fishing and forestry;
  • To deliver schemes and services effectively and efficiently, providing a quality service to all our clients.