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Welcome to the second iteration of the Yale Model African Union (YMAU) conference! YMAU is the first ever Ivy League Model African Union conference, a historic and one of a kind opportunity for students on the continent and across the diaspora to engage in Pan-African dialogue and gain access to world-class workshops, speakers, and sponsors. This leadership development conference combines an emulation of the formal policy-making of the African Union with immersive leadership development workshops that emphasize community led activism and social entrepreneurship.


We are humbled to have our delegates experience first hand the atmosphere in which African leaders develop the policies that are at the heart of Africa's growth and prosperity by hosting YMAU II in Rwanda’s Kigali Convention Center this coming May 2023. The noteworthy progress Rwanda has made since 2000 in conjunction with the Government of Rwanda’s commitment to development and innovation positions the country as a prime location to host this groundbreaking conference.


Our goal is to ensure that we offer the most enriching discussions by attracting delegates with diverse thoughts and experiences. The dynamic and fully immersive Model AU experience we are curating encourages our delegates to tackle and negotiate all-encompassing solutions for the most complex problems facing Africa today. From small specialized and technical committees to large economic, social and cultural councils, offered at a variety of experience levels, we aim to ensure all voices are heard.


The conference aims to develop the participants' understanding of international African affairs and diplomacy on the continent. It will allow these future leaders to become acquainted with the various economic and political dynamics that govern the development and growth of the continent. The conference will also allow these young participants to develop their argumentative and reasoning skills and afford them the opportunity to apply these skills in an environment conducive to their growth.


We will be bringing together the world’s brightest minds and engaging our delegates in critical and stimulating conversations around some of the continent's most pressing challenges.

About Yale Model African Union

Yale Model African Union (YMAU) is a leadership development conference that encourages participants to engage with and craft solutions to Africa’s most pressing issues of the 21st century. Through a series of presentations from curated speakers and pan-African leaders, African Union inspired debates, and leadership development workshops, YMAU will empower participants to find their voices, enrich their academic experiences, form a global community, and acquire the skills necessary to excel during the conference and beyond.


Representing the diverse perspectives and identities present across the African diaspora is integral to the Yale Model African Union's transformative vision. With this in mind, YMAU is committed to providing an accessible educational experience to students from across the continent and consequently seeks to maintain affordable prices and reduce financial obstacles. Building on this commitment, YMAU will not seek profit; the participation fee will solely reflect the planning and administrative costs, including but not limited to materials, speaker fees, transportation, and accommodations. Additionally, YMAU will develop and advertise a sponsorship package for corporate and private donors to support the attendance of individuals who possess the desire and ability to participate but lack the financial means to do so.