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The Africa Entrepreneurship Accelerator Summit seeks to explore the vast possibilities of Africa’s Economic Development through Entrepreneurship and the diverse entrepreneurial ways young Africans can contribute to building a sustainably attractive continent.


Day in, Day out, the future of the African continent shines brighter. At the center of this radiance are the rapid growth in population and the young demographic that characterizes it.


The Summit offers a unique platform to inspire young Africans to take action & generate thought-provoking discussions on how to re-write the African story (through entrepreneurship) for the sake of posterity.


The Summit will bring virtually together cross-industrial entrepreneurs from various African countries, policymakers, business leaders, formal & informal workers, female founders, small business owners, startup founders, and students across various academic disciplines.

About WestlionCo

WestlionCo Hub is an Africa-centered Entrepreneurship Hub that serves as a fulcrum of growth & competence, capacity building & acceleration for budding entrepreneurs in Africa.  WestlionCo provides an inspiring environment that supports and guides entrepreneurs to start, nurture and scale their businesses in Africa’s often hostile economic environments. 


We are dedicated to furnishing start-up owners with the skills, mindset and experiences required to build a globally competitive enterprise. Beyond Entrepreneurial skills training, WestlionCo provides a comprehensive mentorship program & funding opportunities.