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The Trade with Africa Business Summit 2019 convenes global business leaders, innovators and change agents driving digital acceleration, sustainable agriculture, global trade and women empowerment on the continent of Africa.


This event provides an effective platform to strengthen linkages by bringing together U.S. and African business and political leaders and their supporting service providers.


Who Should Attend?

• Business leaders interested in importing from or exporting to Africa

• Africans looking to showcase their export items

• U.S. & African government leaders that foster global trade

• Buyers

• Technologists, supply chain service providers with solutions that support trade (Transportation, Logistics, Packaging e.t.c)

• Africans in the diaspora, not-for-profit organizations and friends of Africa looking to connect with the region.


Thank you.

Please visit for complete event details.

Location and directions

Chicago, IL, 60611, United States

About Nazaru LLC

Nazaru LLC is a US based company that facilitates trade between African entities and US companies to drive positive Business to Business (B2B) engagement that leads to mutually beneficial arrangements. We accomplish this by drawing from our intimate understanding of the various economies of Africa and the US. We believe that creating productive dialogue starts by highlighting the strengths that Africa has to offer U.S. & foreign investors looking to partner on the continent. There is currently opportunities yet untapped particularly in the small-medium business communities in Africa as well as the United States. We have created an all-encompassing one-stop shop where SMEs & Large Scale organizations across Africa and the United States can find answers and solutions to trade thereby giving raise to increased trade between the regions.