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Film Africa is LIVE on Instagram on Fridays, at 5 pm BST in the run-up to the #FilmAfrica22 festival 28th Oct - 6 Nov  2022. Deputy Director, Desta Haile will be sitting down with Africa's leading directors, actors, filmmakers, and producers bringing you the latest interviews and finding out about their creative process, how they got their start in the industry, and most importantly, why you should come to the Film Africa festival. Last week we partnered with Dark Matter Marketing and new wave films to bring you the next installment of our  IG Live discussions. On Thursday 5th May, Deputy Director Desta Haile sat down with Amjad Abu Ala the director of the award-winning ‘You Will Die at Twenty’. Film Africa 2022 will take place at venues across London from Friday 28 October to Sunday 6 November, bringing you another exciting programme of the best contemporary African and African diaspora cinema.

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