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The LSE Africa Summit is hosted by the Firoz Lalji Institute for Africa and is its flagship event. This two-day summit is one of the largest student-led conferences in Europe, and has become a leading destination for renowned scholars, political voices, forward-thinking corporations and NGOs, entrepreneurial and creative minds, and passionate LSE students to learn, engage and network.


Celebrating 10 years, the two-day conference has since earned a reputation for centering afro-centric scholarship and exploring issues critically, in response to a rapidly evolving continent.

The 2023 LSE Africa Summit will bring together leading African policymakers, scholars, politicians, activists, and business people to engage in topical conversations about prosperity on the continent. 

This year’s Summit will discuss how African countries can harness the strengths of their growing youth population to drive regional and global development. Panel and breakout sessions will cover pertinent topics including climate change, conflict and peacebuilding, feminist movements, the digital revolution and the African Union’s 2063 Agenda. The Summit aims to capture the reality of a progressive African continent with its best minds at the center of its future, hence our theme: “Now and Next Generation.” 

The Summit will also put a spotlight on the growing African art industry through an exhibition showcasing various artists from across the continent. We will also be inviting top firms and corporations to connect and share opportunities with students, graduates and experienced professionals.

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