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Digitisation and Africa
Digitisation will be a major enabler of growth for the African continent. We bring to you an introduction to Blockchain Executive Education Programme which is designed to equip leaders of tomorrow with an understanding of what, how and where Blockchain can play a transformative role in driving growth and productivity.


The blockchain workshops are being delivered across the world and for the first time in Africa we will be delivering two workshops in Ghana at the ATTES conference 17-19 February 2020.


At this session, we will pick up on the importance of Blockchain technology and other emerging technologies for driving growth, creating new business models and delivering sustainable transformation for the continent.


To get an opportunity to boost your knowledge join the programme and learn more and do not get left behind. A bit of a synopsis of the upcoming programme is provided below.


Blockchain for Business and Government Programme
In today’s rapidly changing technological world, it is important to keep pace and learn about emerging technologies and their precise use including their potential to untap value, transform and create new impactful business models.


The decentralization of business models using tools like blockchain technology could lead to significant cost savings within many sectors: traditional financial systems, commodities, healthcare, insurance, taxation and legal services, among others. Blockchain with its decentralised and transparency characteristics could accelerate and expand your business widening access to new and growing markets.


Furthermore, Blockchain can support various government functions including more innovative tax collection methodologies, identity management, land registry and help central banks around digital currencies and digitisation of assets. Hear from leading industry thought leaders and do not get left behind.


We will be running a series of programmes delivered in partnership with other groups.


The programmes will be led by programme Director Michelle Chivunga Nsanzumuco, a recognised blockchain thought leader who has previously delivered leadership and digital executive education programs working in partnership with several Universities and global institutions. Michelle now runs her own investment and blockchain company as well as designs education programmes working with many industry and academic leads. Michelle also holds several board positions including being Chair of the British Blockchain Association International Committee and board member of the African Union Digital Transformation Taskforce and Fintech advisor to the Government of Bermuda.


The programmes will help you understand what blockchain/Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is and how you can use these key technologies. 


We will outline how businesses can leverage the technology to develop innovative business models and help drive sustainable development. We will highlight the benefits of blockchain technology and how this new technology can help untap value across global value chains and streamline your businesses offering for greater productivity.


Touching up on specific implementation models and evaluating some industry use cases to provide examples of where Blockchain is being applied. We tailor the programme to pick up on the importance and application of blockchain in different sectors.


And finally we look at the future of Blockchain and what it means for industries and policy makers.


Who Can Benefit from This Programme

  • Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Lawyers, Banks, Accountants, Government, Policy leads and others involved in supply chain, finance, trade, insurance, energy, arts, SMEs and other sectors
  • Top women decision makers, Directors and Managers of global companies who want to understand blockchain/DLT technologies and how to/not to use blockchain and other techs
  • Owners of digital startups and companies using or interested in emerging technologies
  • Fintech companies and technology specialists
  • Academics and scholars in Fintech, Finance, Blockchain and other studies


Benefits of Programme

  • Acquire knowledge about blockchain and emerging technologies within a short time period and gain insights from recognized global experts
  • Access use cases which will help consolidate the theory of the technology and will give you an idea of the practical possibilities
  • Implementation strategies, the knowledge you acquire will allow you to understand if you need to implement blockchain in your business
  • Navigate blockchain ecosystem more easily and distinguish reliable evidence-based information from empty hype and misinformation
  • Learn how design future decentralised business models and blockchain based strategies
  • Start your study journey into blockchain and qualify to take on further longer programmes
  • Gain competitive advantage in a niche area and build your expertise, talent and knowledge
  • Learn with fellow business leaders for shared knowledge
  • Exchange and network with fellow professionals from different sectors
  • Built a network of global contacts by joining our alumni post the programme

Location and directions

Accra International Conference Centre, Castle Road Greater Accra, Accra, Ghana, Ghana

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