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Africa Accelerating 2020 is just under three months away! In addition to our in-person components, our virtual participation program is set to welcome thousands of participants. We are pleased to announce viewing parties at destinations in Canada and across Africa for our members, in line with locally applicable COVID measures.


The Template for Success

For over a decade much discussion has centred on Africa’s potential, sometimes at risk of eclipsing the phenomenal successes already achieved. Of late these include companies and communities who have weathered the last six months with resilience against the odds.


This year’s premier sponsors, Vancouver-based Lucara Diamond and Lucara Botswana, are a case in point: thriving in an African market that for many is without doubt the world’s best modern economic success story: scoring the highest growth rates globally for a number of consecutive years since its independence - supported by authentic and strong local institutions and an open trade outlook.


From October 27-29, 2020 join us online for three exciting days under the theme The Template for Success as we look to the next decade and the crucial role of African markets in the emerging global economic landscape. Canada's people and its companies have received a red carpet welcome in Africa. It is indeed a privilege for our members and friends to accept the invitations for new and ongoing partnerships at this historic juncture.


Registration is available individually or for all three days:

Day 1 - 27 October 2020: Agriculture

Day 2 - 28 October 2020: Natural Resource Innovation

Day 3 - 29 October 2020: Africa Leading and Leapfrogging


Special Package: All three days

Registration includes the option of a networking component at no additional cost



As we build our program, we are already pleased to tentatively confirm at least one Head of State, leading CEOs, Ministers, entrepreneurs and thought leaders who are accelerating Canada-Africa trade and investment for a new era of trade.


Heading for over 1.5 billion people, Africa will serve as the driving force of the world’s dynamism, with its young population in an aging world. The economic shift from West to East is today’s news; an imminent move South is the premise for investors and businesses building African templates for worldwide success.

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