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Digital technology is revolutionising accounting and financial management. Cloud accounting and a plethora of new applications, software and services are giving accountants, bookkeepers and finance managers a powerful range of value-adding tools.


The Accounting & Finance Show brings together the technology, the people and the experts that will keep accounting professionals ahead of the exciting changes that are sweeping their professions. Whether your customers are finance managers, accountants or bookkeepers, this is the event to attend. Where else do they have access to hundreds of new solutions on one giant show floor and a free conference programme that addresses the key skill development needs for their digital future? How do accounting professionals keep up with the pace of change?


Working with an Advisory Board of leading practitioners, advisors and tech companies, we bring you world-class conference content that fulfills the need to learn, grow and develop as well as giving you the insight and knowledge to be more effective in the office.

About Terrapinn

Terrapin has been sparking ideas, innovations and relationships that transform business for over 30 years. Using their global footprint, they bring innovators, disrupters and change agents together, discussing and demonstrating the technology, strategies and personalities that are changing the way the world does business.


Terrapin’s world leading events bring scale, knowledge and gravitas to promote innovation and technology that changes people’s lives. Whether it is solar and renewables in Africa, education technology in Australia, payments and e-commerce in Asia, railways in the Middle East, orphan drugs in the Americas, or aviation in Europe, their events inspire and transform business.