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Digital Currency Summit 2021 will be the maiden edition of what promises to be a highly impactful annual event for innovative African cryptocurrency companies and entrepreneurs using the latest digital technologies to build a strong and secure future.


At the event, leading thinkers and industry experts will give insights about ‘making the money of the future. Forex shortages, dollar spending limits, devaluation, and then inflation have characterised the economic landscape of Nigeria and most African countries. Join us as we dive deep into the world of digital currency, exploring the money that will finance Africa's future.

About Techpoint Africa

Techpoint Africa is a technology company that amplifies the best innovations out of Africa through its media, data, events and tech focused platforms. Founded in 2015, Techpoint Africa has grown to become one of the most notable brands across Africa’s tech, startup and business ecosystem, with a growing and dedicated audience of investors, startups, developers, professionals and African tech enthusiasts. Techpoint Africa hosts a variety of events, all-day seminars and conferences, including Techpoint Build, which is the largest tech and startup event in West and East Africa.