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SSCG Africa Agribusiness Summit 2022 will take place online on Thursday 27 January 2022. The theme is Accelerating agriculture and agribusiness investment, innovation, technology, productivity; development of food value chains and market systems.  The half day-long summit will bring together stakeholders from governments, investors, business, academia and multilateral institutions to take stock of the agriculture and agro sectors in Africa and identify opportunities to enhance growth, efficiency, productivity and sustainability across agricultural value chains in support of smallholder farmers, agricultural products processing and boost food security.


The summit will feature panel discussions, transformation talks and presentations on a myriad of topics and opportunities. Its aim is threefold: to highlight innovative solutions for growth, discuss areas for further investment and qualifiers for investment, and create an avenue for collaboration between the UK and African private and public sectors. Join us to connect with like minded business leaders, investors, industry experts and entrepreneurs, to gain latest update, insights, perspectives, strategies and practical best practices.

About SSCG Consulting

SSCG Consulting is a global management consulting and professional firm that provides advisory, consulting and operational support across the public sector, private, business services, automotive, oil and gas, and manufacturing sectors.


SSCG solutions are designed to help clients make distinctive transformations, drive sustainable growth with increased trust, confidence and greater collaboration. We provide informed perspective on the issues faced by companies. The insights and quality solutions delivered to support clients unlock new investment opportunities and drive consumer values and build confidence in the markets and economies.


SCCG's innovative offerings aim to help clients develop a wide array of capabilities to achieve market-leading revenue and profitable growth. They bring together African professionals, businesses, leaders, investors and entrepreneurs to discuss market trends and challenges faced, share ideas and solutions to address economic issues and to accelerate sustainable growth.