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Whether we acknowledge it or not, the fact remains that Data Science and AI are killing many jobs. But that’s not all. They are also creating new jobs that will be in the most demand - with over 37% job increase from this year 2020, according to LinkedIn. In fact, Google CEO Sundar Pichai states that A.I is more important than fire or electricity!


The goal for this event is to assemble the best minds from leading brands in Ghana to help our participants learn how to launch lucrative careers in the area of Data Science and A.I. We shall also invite top-rated companies that are looking to recruit entry-level talents to help #QLCareerFair20 guests access job opportunities on the spot. We are thrilled to be receiving British Council Ghana’s support once again towards this initiative.


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Location and directions

British Council Accra, Liberia Road, Accra, Ghana, Ghana

About SFAN

Stars From All Nations (SFAN) is a high impact social enterprise that bridges the gap between education and work. The company was founded with a precise vision to raise the next generation of African leaders. We unlock the employability and entrepreneurial potentials of young people through education and training, mentoring connections program, and job/internship placement. We are the alternative education company for the youth!