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SFAN Breakfast Meeting, was established to provide a space for millennial entrepreneurs to spark meaningful conversations with like-minded individuals in an unprecedented setting and at non-prohibitive costs.


In five EPIC meetings, the breakfast has seen more than 400 guests gather to share pertinent business insights, with 15 unique business opportunities presented. SFAN Breakfast has become the go-to event for upwardly-mobile millennials looking to access new opportunities and discuss real business concepts, startup tactics and growth strategies with thought leaders.


For this 6th edition themed financial intelligence for millennial entrepreneurs, we shall explore the future of money, discuss best practices to creatively manage and grow your personal finance, insider secrets for venture capital funding, and further review the new tax landscape in Ghana.



Location and directions

Stanbic Bank Incubator, Silver Star Tower, Accra, Ghana,

About SFAN

Stars From All Nations (SFAN) is a high impact social enterprise that bridges the gap between education and work. The company was founded with a precise vision to raise the next generation of African leaders. We unlock the employability and entrepreneurial potentials of young people through education and training, mentoring connections program, and job/internship placement. We are the alternative education company for the youth!