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ScaleUp Africa is a dynamic, innovative women-led B2B enterprise education and development organisation offering advisory and growth support services. We are here for venture investors, foundations, DFIs, corporations and post-incubation, youth/women-led small businesses in Africa and the diaspora.


ScaleUp Africa is hosting its first-ever Pan-African and Diaspora Business Festival (IGNITE) to provide practical support for entrepreneurs of African descent globally, as well as nurture closer economic ties and opportunities for youth- and women-led businesses in Africa and across the global diaspora.


IGNITE will offer attendees 5 curated sector segments and target entrepreneurs with an interest in doing business with Africa and accessing new markets across Africa, the USA, Caribbean and Europe.

About ScaleUp Africa

Africa is awash with many ideation, startup and short term programs. There is far less support and resource dedicated to improving the success rate of Africa’s SMEs from inception and maturity.


The aim of ScaleUP Africa programme is to grow high-potential, scalable ventures that are led by women or impact greatly on the lives of women in areas such as Clean Energy, Education, Agriculture, Tech in general, etc


What we offer is professional services to Foundations, Corporations and established SMEs to solve our most pressing challenges together. Our focus is on growing and sustaining African and Diaspora businesses for long term economic growth legacy through our services, content and programs.


Building a Pan-African ENTERPRISE Growth COMMUNITY and solving problems together at SCALE through:

  • SME GROWTH Services, Acceleration and SME Fundraising
  • Corporate Innovation/Enterprise Services: helping organisations implement and achieve their CSR, ESG, Diversity, Talent and SME Support goals, through our Programs and Services.
  • Events - Masterclasses, Webinars, Conferences, Training Sessions
  • Consulting Services for Economic Empowerment, Impact, Capacity Building, Innovation, Digital and Social projects
  • Innovative Media Content Strategy -  focus on Entrepreneurship Education
  • Tech Platform Development for the creation of more scalable SMEs across Africa