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The SA Innovation Summit is the largest startup event in Africa. The Summit provides various platforms for developing and showcasing African innovation, as well as facilitating thought-leadership. We bring together top entrepreneurs, investors, corporates, policy makers and thought leaders to support startups and inspire sustained economic growth across Africa.


The SA Innovation Summit returns in September where we will explore the biggest challenges, trends and opportunities within Africa with top industry experts and inspiring leaders. We will be moving around on the world map taking deep dives into how to do business in those countries and talking start-up acts, cross-continent collaboration and partnerships.


This two-day event will explore the renewed urgency for accelerated innovation and economic transformation and the role of innovation, start-ups and investment within that. 

About SA Innovation Summit

The SA Innovation Summit as an annual flagship event on the South African Innovation Calendar, is a platform for nurturing, developing and showcasing African innovation, as well as facilitating innovation thought-leadership. Created to support and promote innovation and facilitate collaboration within its own eco-system, the initiative brings together corporates, thought leaders, inventors, entrepreneurs, academia and policy makers to amplify South Africa’s renowned competitive edge and to inspire sustained economic growth across the continent of Africa. The outcomes achieved by the Summit, is a powerful platform to bring together thought leaders and accelerate innovation in South Africa, and into the African continent as whole.