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Pod break is a summer gathering for African podcasters in North America. Think of it like a picnic for African Podcast hosts; coming together to relax, bond, vent, share ideas and produce content. Our inaugural event will be in Chicago July 1-4, 2022. Podcasting is one of those jobs that is much more labor-intensive than it looks. In a world where black creators have to work twice as hard, we want to create a culture where we take time to appreciate and celebrate our accomplishments so why not take a break and come back better than before.


If you are an African podcaster craving community, then join Pod Break. We are not just an event; we are a group of Africans passionate about podcasting. We don't take ourselves too seriously and our ultimate goal is to make each other better. We want to create a community to support each other to keep going and find the tools to win. Each one teaches one.

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Chicago, United States,

About Pod Break

Pod Break is a summer event for African podcasters to join together, reset and learn from one another. Living in a shared creative house, artists will have an option to simply enjoy Chicago or spend additional time creating shared content. A summer gathering for African podcasters and their listeners in North America.