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Infectious and Chronic Disease Congress (InfeChron 2021) is a unique forum which brings together participants from clinical healthcare, anthropological and laboratory science backgrounds to explore a range of topics: the challenges of interdisciplinary approaches, derivatives from social science on the wide impact of infections, integrating control of neglected tropical diseases, immunology and microbiology of infectious diseases.

Infectious and Chronic Disease Congress (InfeChron 2021) is an outstanding stage for the exchange of information and develop collaborative networks for clinical microbiologists, virologists, parasitologists, bacteriologists, pediatricians, epidemiologists and infectious disease physicians from all over the globe, and others engaged in these fields. It further provides opportunities for Young Researchers and Physicians to meet, discuss ideas with, and receive career advice from the prominent, field-leading scientists in an informal and friendly atmosphere.

All the participants upon attending in case discussions and networking, will have a better understanding of appropriate new developments  in vaccines and diagnostic methods, awareness of newer antimicrobial agents, and better appreciation of therapeutic principles to provide better care for patients with infections.

About Plenareno

Plenareno is committed in providing the participants with the highest quality and professional networking with the key investigators & clinicians. Driven by the core values of Transforming Ideas into Vision by harnessing the opportunities in various fields for the reformation in the society. Providing with the exclusive annual proceedings and plenary sessions for the physicians, researchers & delegates to discuss & conclude the latest developments in the corresponding areas. Plenareno events will show you how to capitalize on your expertise and experience while meeting thought-provoking research.