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With over 30 million Africans living outside of their home countries, the continent’s diaspora has the potential to be a major source of development financing, skills and growth opportunities. The financial power of the diaspora shows in the high remittance figures that Africa receives annually from its foreign-based communities. In 2018, estimates reached a record $48 billion (US), or 2.6% of the continent’s GDP, not counting informal money transfers. This trend is expected to continue through 2020 onward post BREXIT and COVID-19 pandemic.


Join One Africa Network (OAN) in a live discussion webcast titled "UK African Diaspora: Engagement and Contribution in Africa's Development" on Thursday 26 November 2020 at 18:00 BST to learn and hear from our panel of experts as they share their perspectives and thoughts.



  • Fostering meaningful contribution and engagement in Africa's development
  • The role and impact of diaspora remittances, diaspora direct investment (DDI), and diaspora Portfolio Investment (DPI) in Africa's economic growth
  • Engaging the African diaspora in trade, investment and skills transfer
  • Establishing stronger UK-Africa value chains
  • Capturing and unlocking investment opportunities
  • Creating new channels for growth for UK businesses in Africa

About One Africa Network

One Africa Network (OAN) is a membership-based social development organisation that focuses on issues that affect BAME businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals. We are committed to advancement of entrepreneurship, innovation, excellence, inclusiveness and sustainable economic growth.


Drawing upon its members, OAN serves as an important catalyst for brokering ideas and actions, stimulating thought provoking debates and offering creative and practical solutions to tackle and address the world's most pressing problems affecting the BAME community. At its core, OAN is a global network of like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals who share best practices, build opportunities through collaboration, and share access to new resources that support growth.


Since its establishment in 2018, OAN has worked collaboratively with other stakeholders leveraging our wealth of expertise to support entrepreneurs start and grow successful businesses, professionals to become self-sufficient, competitive and to increase opportunities that allow them to learn, transform, take risks and thrive. OAN not only supports its members but also celebrates their achievements and the cultural diversity of our members.