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Archimedes Project - Nairobi Sanitation Challenge Social Enterprise Pitch Event! Movemeback African event cover image


Join us and listen to pitches for scalable human-centered social ventures to increase access to toilets in urban Kenya. You'll even have an opportunity to help make the winning idea happen.


Our goal is to make safe, affordable sanitation accessible across urban Kenya. We are bringing together experts, professionals and students from across sectors to design and launch a large scale sanitation enterprise in Nairobi. Join us!


Pitch Event Overview:


You can view the full weekend's schedule here



Come and network with professionals and experts from across sectors while the judges view closed-door pitches and deliberate.


Pitches and Discussion

Listen to the pitches of the top three teams. Q&A and discussion will follow pitches.


Plan Selection and Commitments

The Ideation Lab participants will vote to select the final plan. At this point, everyone will be able to make commitments on how they want to be involved in the final plan.


Weekend Layout



Archimedes Project will bring together professionals from across business, non-profit, academic and government sectors for a collaborative event designed to come up with an actionable and scalable solution that increases access to sanitation in Kenya. If the current rate of sanitation increase is maintained, it would take Kenya another 200 years to achieve universal sanitation coverage and 200 years is a long time to wait! By bringing together dreamers, thinkers, makers and doers from across sectors, we will create something that never would have emerged without that collaboration. In two days we will build a social enterprise, within 365 days we launch it.

Location and directions

The Kijiji, Ngong Lane, Nairobi, None, Kenya

About Archimedes Project

The Archimedes Project designs, incubates and seeds scalable social ventures that increase sustainable access to clean drinking water and sanitation in the developing world. Our first enterprise is a clean water company in Haiti called Kouzin Dlo. They deploy female entrepreneurs to sell chlorine to their friends and neighbors through an Avon-like direct seller model. We believe in bringing together research, business and entreprenuership to disrupt business as usual in international development.