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Next Digital Revolution in Africa 5G network is the next generation of mobile internet connectivity, offering faster speeds and more reliable connections on smartphones and other devices than ever before. It is the fifth generation of cellular mobile communications, which will ultimately replace 4G LTE to provide faster and more reliable service with lower latency.


The conference will look at the progress that has been made to date and the challenges ahead for policy-makers and stakeholders. Key areas being covered include connectivity, future deployment and business model impact. It will look at what a 5G world might look like and where Africa sits at a global level as it seeks to deliver on making 5G a reality by 2020.


The forum will offer the ideal space for networking with industry players; senior managers, decision-makers, and practitioners operating in the industries and making the most of banking technologies.

  • 2 days – Interactive sessions, panel discussions, networking & experience exchange
  • Expert speakers – Industry leading companies, thought leaders
  • Attendees – limited number high-level participation


Benefits of Attending:

  • Collaborate with leading tech companies, mobile network operators and solutions providers to get first-hand information regarding recent 5G trials.
  • Get equipped for next-gen hyper-connected world
  • Understand the innovative services enabled by 5G and build an extensive roadmap for 5G deployments in Africa.
  • Learn how 5G will drive higher product quality, increased worker productivity and better customer experience
  • Understand the trends regarding spectrum allocation, standards and next-generation network considerations
  • Explore 5G recent use cases and deployments
  • Explore the impact of 5G across the different industries in Africa.
  • Understand how 5G will stimulate the rise and establishment of new technologies, businesses, products and services
  • Learn the various opportunities for IoT, AI, robotics, self-driving cars, drones and augmented reality with the introduction of 5G


Focus of the Conference:

  • Unveiling the Opportunities of 5G in Africa
  • Networking Opportunity
  • Exploring the next phase of 5G enabled Technologies
  • Explore 5G channel modelling and measurements
  • Connectivity, future deployment and business model impact
  • 5G as a dimension to connecting Africa
  • 5G Commercialization


Who Should Attend:

President, Vice President, General Manager, Managing Director, Chief Information Officer, Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Transformation Officer, Chief Digital Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Commercial Officer, Chief Maintenance Officer, Head of Networks, Network Managers, Network Engineers, Product Managers, Radio Frequency Engineers, System Manager, Broadcast Engineer, Head of Broadcast, Technical Manager, Signal Intelligence Analyst, Managing Executive, Chief Security Officer, Head of 5G, 5G Strategy and Partnership Director, 5G Marketing Director, 5G Project Manager, 5G Research Strategist, 5G Engineer, Senior Manager, Senior Research Analyst, Research Director, Group Heads, Divisional Heads and Heads. 

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