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MIT Africa Innovate Conference - Boosting Africa's Digital Economy


2020 is an important year for the MIT AIC: now in its 10th year, the 2020 AIC will celebrate a decade of MIT African endeavors, innovations, and breakthroughs with an impact on the continent and beyond.


Africa is transforming. In Kenya, 73% of the population has a mobile money account; in Rwanda, autonomous drones are delivering life-saving blood supplies and vaccines to inaccessible hospitals; in Nigeria, coding schools are training the next generation of software developers; and in Côte d'Ivoire, households are harnessing the power of solar energy in areas previously unreached by the national grid. All of these innovations were made possible by improving access to mobile connectivity and data.


While early successes exist, Africa's digital transformation is only beginning. Building a solid digital economy will require a focus in key areas such as digital infrastructure, digital literacy and skills, digital financial services, and digital entrepreneurship and innovation.

The 10th Annual MIT Africa Innovate Conference – our milestone anniversary – ​will explore the future of Africa's digital economy and demonstrate how entrepreneurs, corporations, and governments are leveraging technology across sectors to benefit society in its entirety.


​Stay tuned⁠, more information on speakers will be released soon. 

Location and directions

MIT Samberg Conference Center, 50 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, United States, Massachussets, MA 02142, United States

About MIT Sloan Africa Business Club

An all-inclusive organisation fostering relations between the MIT Sloan community with the African business and cultural communities. The MIT Sloan Africa Business Club hosts the Africa Innovate Conference each year to share groundbreaking ideas and debate issues that will shape Africa’s future.