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Africa Innovate is a free online conference and hackathon offering a diverse programme of engagement between learners (aged 18+), educators and industry experts to exchange knowledge and develop innovative solutions for sustainable development in Africa.The Africa Innovate conference and hackathon focuses on tackling sustainable development challenges.


Our hackathon is a short, intensive competition spanning three days where teams of three to six participants (from diverse backgrounds and disciplines) develop an innovative solution to a sustainable development challenge in Africa. Each team is assigned a mentor to accelerate their progress.

About Learning Connected

Learning Connected is a global platform that empowers today’s learners so that they thrive and shape their world for the better. Our platform connects learners, educators and industry experts through providing online experiences with a focus on entrepreneurial skills  for sustainable development. Learning Connected is a collaborative platform and welcomes suggestions for new partnerships. Learning Connected’s network is embedded in learning communities around the world.


We are committed to developing entrepreneurial skills for sustainable development. ‚ÄčLearning Connected’s activities offer a diverse programme of engagement between learners, educators & industry experts through delivering: courses, workshops, industry leading panel discussions and events.